WXtoIMG & CAT control


I'm trying out SDR-Console for the first time, with a view to moving over from SDRUno

My only use is for NOAA satellite reception. WXtoimg has a Kenwood option for CAT control, which controls the uno perfectly for me. But when wxroimg commands a frequency change with SDRconsole, it resets the filters to very narrow. (I use an rspdx for the RX, Win10, VAC and comOcom)

I would like a 60khz filter but will settle for the 40 or 48 that sdr console offers, as long as it didn't get reset every time a new satellite arrives.

Searching this forum I came across messages going back a few years asking the same, but so far I haven't seen a solution. I realise the issue is really with wxtoimg but it's no longer supported and I haven't found where those "Kenwood" settings are stored.
Has anyone managed to get the two apps to play nicely together?


I just discovered the option to record serial port info and discovered that WXtoimg only sends 4 commands:


so I guess FA is the required freq and MD4 is the mode, no idea what DC0 or SQ0000 do.
I also found the Mode Mapping option which seems to have fixed the FM vs NFM issue.

I would like to set the filter to 60khz if possible.

Finally, having a play with the satellite window, maybe I should be using this to control the radio and now wxtoimg - ideas?