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I am getting back in to my SDR play 2.  {RSP-2}  What is the best software to use   and I like to run it remotely over the network.  I bought it used some 3 years ago.


Richard  Lenker


Jon Hudson

Hi Richard,   this forum is for SDR-Console users and the good news is that the RSP2 and all the current RSP models are supported by the latest version of SDR Colsole V3.   This includes the ability to remotely access it over the internet  - this is an old video guide from SDRplay on doing this - the process is similar  today:

SDRuno is the software provided by SDRplay and has been optimised for the RSP family of SDR receivers for when SDR and computer are together (or over a LAN using VirtualHere: )

More guides to do with SDRuno can be found by looking in the SDRplay apps and support catalogue:

Here's a list of links to other forums for SDRplay users where you can get independent views and help with RSP2 related questions:

Best regards,  Jon

Kriss Kliegle KA1GJU

I posted this over a year ago, on how to set up SDRC as a server. It's a step by step guide with images:

I host 12 SDR's on 5 separate servers, all open to the public. As users of my "Super Stations" will attest, I have some of the most QRM free RXR's on the network.
There are dozens of them listed, but , many, I repeat MANY, are appearing as functional. In reality, they're not... after going through all the effort of building definitions. Bookmark the following to keep tabs on your server:

You will notice MANY with the  symbol. Those are servers probably running in the background without the owners knowledge since the server is a Windows Service. There's a default setting that automatically starts the service, whether or not it's properly functioning. I think many try to get the server up and running and some how fail to get it to work. They eventually give up, but every time the computer is booted up, the Server Service starts up automatically. Its a great thing if you know what your doing, but it floods the master server at Simon's with pings saying, "I'm here for a connection...", when it's really not properly configured. This is the setting is found in the Service tab of the Server Manager:

Once the Windows Service is running, the actual Server Manager doesn't have to be in operation. It's purpose is program the service and set it up. I have it run on all my machines, so when I Teamviewer into it, I can quickly see who is using it, what frequency, etc.

73 Kriss KA1GJU
Home of the "Super Stations"

Rick Fenlon

As users of my "Super Stations" will attest, I have some of the most QRM free RXR's on the network.
Use Kriss's rigs daily - can confirm.

Kriss Kliegle KA1GJU

Are you the one in Ohio (IP location) that monitors aircraft ACARS on HF, on 11xxx MHz?🤔


Kriss KA1GJU