Tuner selection issue with an RSPduo. #sdrserver

NexTech Z

I have been using SDR Console remotely using Server manager on an RDPduo for some time now. I have been experiencing a strange anomaly when first starting 
SDR Console. It goes into the program and I hear noise and have a straight line across the band on the panadapter. The tuner is set to "tuner a". In order to get reception for 
the selected band I have to first switch from "tuner a" to "tuner b". When I switch back, from "tuner b" to "tuner a" I start seeing signals correctly on the selected band. 

I'm pretty sure it is not an SDR Console issue because I installed Console on another laptop. I am experiencing the exact same anomaly on the second laptop computer.
I've went through the setup on SDR server on the host computer and see no issues. I have also uninstalled then reinstalled Server manager .on the host computer..
I don't see this as a real issue unless it is a bug that others are experiencing. I don't normally report small issues like this because they normally clear up down the road  with
a new update of SDR Console or if I don't see others reporting the same thing in the forum. I am using the latest version of SDR Console. 

Normally issues such as this is caused by something I have done. If any of you are seeing this issue please respond. Thank you. and Happy 2021!
73, Ruben, NB4R

NexTech Z

As usual , Yes it was something done. but I learned something else about console. The antenna setting did not default to SMA (50ohm). Some how when I was changing the tuner one way then the other it was making a connection to the correct antenna. So, let this be a lesson to me write the topic up in a text file and if I don't find the issue, THEN, Copy it to the forum.😂
Thank you for your time