SDR Console stops

Chris van Lint


I am using Windows 10 with SDR Console V3.0.25 with 17 VFOs

This set-up has been working brilliantly until today when the whole system mysteriously stopped working.  SDR Console does not start with the window giving a choice of various SDRs. I can enter this window manually and choose my receiver.  When I choose a RTL-SDR dongle and I start SDR Console it initially flashes the SDR ... is not responding and basically nothing happens.  The program appears to be hung and when I close it, this takes a long time.  Strangely on the same computer and using the same SDR Console, Airspy HF+ and SDRPlay SDRs work fine.  The RTL-SDR dongles which fail to work in SDR Console work fine using SDR# on the same computer, so it seems that the dongles are OK.  These RTL-SDR dongles also work flawlessly with the SDR Console installed on my other computer - a laptop.  I have uninstalled the Console program with the uninstall option in the SDR Radio Tools section and I have re-installed the program 3 times, but the problem persists.  Could someone please advise what screenshots and/or files I need to provide to try and resolve this issue.