SDR Console 3 Spectrum background color

K3EUI Barry

I am new to SDR  (SDRplay duo) and am learning how to use SDR Console 3.

I am particularly interested in decoding sound card based digital modes on HF bands.
The hardware/software is amazing in its ability to see and pick out weak signals.
TU  to the developers!

When I try to take a high resolution image of the spectra window, I see the variety of colors I can choose from.
But they all show a dark background color.

Is there a color scheme (for the spectrum, not the waterfall) that allows the user to change the BACKGROUND color to something light?

I just can't find the color scheme that is simple, clear, and hi contrast.
I kind of remember SDR Console 2  (a few years back) had a choice of white background in spectrum window.

TU for suggestions,
Barry  K3EUI   Philadelphia region