Remote sdr .. best to use??

Mag loop Simon

Hi Simon and others..

As you know Simon heading down your way, we hope soon..However our house is back on market due to “&)&( ho@@ buyers not getting a mortgage.. so there will be a delay..( hopefully not too long as hate it here now in London..looking at a nice unusual place in Garras (which is proving difficult to sell but is ideal.) 

Untill then. Our son in law and daughter have just ( today) moved into their new house with a lovely LONG LONG relatively rf quiet garden ( atleast compared to here!!) 

They have fast broadband ( maybe fibre to house.)

I wish to set up an rx array in their  back garden.( phased rx loops) nw/se directions for 160m. 

Cannot spend too much as all monies needed for move..

Looking  for a sdr that will work remote ( via Ethernet?) ( maybe a small wifi link BUT rather not) 
Would much rather not have to have sdr plugged into its own pc ( like  my elad  duo would be) but directly into router..

HAS TO work with sdrc ( obviously.)  ONLY interested in 160-40m ( though would be nice if good on MW to monitor USA broadcast stations and hence give ideas of conditions on 160.) 

note no tx required, can happily put a signal into USA on 160 from  here but rx is the issue due to noise..

Any suggestions?? 

Thanks  other Simon g0zen