Res: Please, I need help!!!

Karl Leite PS7KM <ps7km@...>

Hi Simon.
I installed software only. I will try
to install drives. And, I will advise.
Karl Leite, PS7KM
Natal, RN, Brasil

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Have you installed the FTDI drivers?


http://www.ftdichip .com/Drivers/ VCP.htm


I am using http://www.ftdichip .com/Drivers/ CDM/CDM20600. exe


Simon Brown, HB9DRV

http://sdr-radio. com


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Dear Fellows:
I am ham PS7KM and SWL, living in Natal, Brazil.
I have RFSpace SDR IQ. My notebook is Dell Inspiron,
running W7. Today I installed SigMira and don´t worked.
I checked all three USB ports and nothing. Win 7 says:
drive was not found and not installed. Or, RFSpace is
not connected.
BTW, I have a MacBook and I put RFSpace on them and
worked. But, I don´t have SDR software to run into Mac OS
X Snow Leopard.
So, I would like to get any help, if possible.
Thanks in advance.
Vy 73,


Karl Leite, PS7KM
Natal, RN, Brasil