Odd change change in Latency

Mike German

I have come across an odd situation. I run three instances of SDRUno (2 for RSPduo and one for RSP2Pro) and they run 24/7 with as no windows updates and as few extranneous software running. Every month I check the latency of actual event times (from GPS pulse) verus time recorded using a logger of SDRUno audio output via VACs. I stop (but not close) the instances, change some RF switches then 'play' again to make the latency (and other calibration) measurements through the same logger. (600 pulse of 10 minutes) I have been following this routine for a year now and the latency has been around 350 +/- jitter . This month when I measured latency two channels had remained about the same and one of the duo channels reduced in latency from 350ms to 250ms. Most of the latency comes from SDRUno so I find it difficult to understand this reduction which remains some days later! I intend to update the SDRuno version I am using (1.41) but a wondered if I should do any investigation of what is happening prior to a re-boot and install.

Mag loop Simon


Maybe wrong here, but you may get a better response if post on sdruno forum and not SDR Console forum??

Just a suggestion..

Mike German

Thanks - I had noted some SDRuno posts here and am hoping ... 
SDRplay support had no ideas.
I will try the sdrplay forum when I've left enough time to not be cross-potsing ;-)