Noise Blanker Operation


I am having console record SSB audio that appears at odd times on/off during the day so I enable recording and use the SSB squelch feature to limit the file size.

The issue I am having is I get occasional brief pops that breaks the squelch open (at different times about once every 10 seconds or so). If I move the sensitivity slider to the right to squelch deeper I miss out on the weaker voice traffic all together. So I thought about using the noise blanker to limit those small millisecond pops that occur so that my squelch is not triggered.

I am trying to figure out the threshold and width settings. Moving either one of them from one end to the other seems to have no affect on whether those very brief pops come through or not.

Can someone tell me where those two sliders should be set to limit brief "pop-ups"? Thanks

Gedas, W8BYA EN70JT

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Radioman ZeroZero

Maybe do a recording then play back many times adjusting the settings each time until you get the wanted result.
Thanks Steve M0ZEH