"Mysterious modulation"

Zacharias Liangas

...with the hope that this will not be deleted from the group .

This is not a problem of console but a rather awkward case of bad transmission . .
The station shown below is a new called Voice of Iran . It is transmitted supposedly from Yerevan (Armenia).

The first time I checked it was with my ICOM R75 and heard OK in AM mode . While trying to use ECSS to center in the frequency i understood that something wrong happened : It sounded as  a pulsating carrier with more than 10 pulses per second.
I immediately checked back to my laptop and both SDRUno and SDRC and made some screenshots
The SDRC photos are included  here while the UNo's screenshot is posted in
Just see on how different are both programs for  the same station!

Someone from a email group advised that the  trasnmitter is faulty. A few days after , the transmission is back to real AM 

...with the hope that this will not be deleted from the group .


Hi Zacharias,
The group might be a good (better) place to post this.
Especially if you are looking for more info on this signal.