Horiz. span setting ? And, Re IF Display



Looked in all the documentation, and all the windows in the program, and jut can't seem to find it.

Where is the adjustment for setting the HORIZ Span for the spectrum window ?  (the Waterfall span would follow, hopefully)
I guess I can use the Zoom slider, but there is also, somewhere, i think, a pane for setting the spectrum span numerically ?

Trying to learn item:
Might someone provide a bit of explanation re the IF Display.
e.g., significance, how utilized, info it conveys, etc.

As always,

Kriss Kliegle KA1GJU

The maximum bandwidth is set when connecting to the radio, the slider adjusts the visible bandwidth.
It helps to have the Auto Center and Mouse Over options checked, under High,Low, Zoom in the View panel.

As for the IF display, I rarely look at it. But allow you a close up view of what you are RXing w/out zooming in on the signal on the scope.
The audio spectrum display I do not use, but it has three different display types and adds to the 'wow' experience. hi hi

73 Kriss KA1GJU