#Future Higher "Min elev" for satellite passes #future

Phil Somers

Currently 20 degrees is the highest minimum elevation that can be selected for recording passes. A higher minimum elevation would be useful in several situations:

1. Low gain antennas or low sensitivity receivers may require higher minimum elevations.

2. Maybe only "almost overhead" passes might be desired, for example for weather satellites.

3. Maybe only a short bit of telemetry is required occasionally and it could be best done during short, high elevation passes.

4. Maybe storage size is limited and only a small number of high elevation passes can be stored or are desired..

5. Probably a change of "Min elev" would be very easy to implement, and it would have no detrimental effect on users who don't want or need a higher value.

I suggest that the Min elev be increased from the current 20 degrees to 80 degrees. Thanks.

Phil Somers

Also, I notice that, even now with 20 degrees set as the minimum elevation for the next pass, the map display shows the next AOS based on the default 10 degrees elevation. The map AOS etc. for the next pass should show the same info as the Automatic Scheduler, based on the same minimum elevation.