#Future - Add support to Auto Mute to still visuliase waterfall and spectrum when activated #future


My colleague in France and also myself, enjoy using the Console in preference to the standard Perseus software with our Perseus hardware and other SDR hardware alongside our vintage valve transmitters.  We have to be mindful of our bandwidth restrictions with our vintage and homebrew equipment.  We also have a requirement to monitor any unwanted radiation when tuning up and transmitting. This is also the case for more modern equipment too.
We have automatic aerial changeover relays wired in from our transmitters for the aerial changeover from TX to Rx and vice versa.  For the SDR receivers, in the Perseus software there is an automate function that mutes the audio, but still allows the waterfall and spectrum to be seen, which is very useful and almost essential (without using WEBSDR's) to monitor the transmission.  We could use the standard manual mute function with the SDR Radio Console for when we are transmitting, but this is a manual function and not the best solution.
Please could we consider the Automute function to still allow a visual display of the waterfall and spectrum when this feature is used.

Many thanks for the software.