For Simon: Log file & screenshot for previous Post. RE: [SDR-Radio] For Simon, Max & Calder & et al: Re Using Icom 8600 and Console

rmrrgs <rgsrose@...>

Hi Simon,


Really nice of you to take the time to help me out.

As you’ve probably discerned, not too sharp with this “stuff”. Am in my mid 80’s now, but still enjoy the sw monitoring hobby a lot.

But old age I guess does creep in.  A great excuse for most anything.


Love your Console program.

Use it extensively with RSPlay and Airspy units.


Would be great if I can use with my new Icom R8600.

Sure is complicated (for me).


Here’s the log file, hopefully.

And the screen shot too, if I can figure a way of attaching, below.


See my original Post for the problems I’ve run into.

Probably something very simple which I’ve missed, as usual.


Again, thanks and best regards,





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If you do not add screenshots and a logfile as attachments then how on earth can we help you? Both contain important diagnostics.



Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Hi All,

Boy, would I be lost without all of you folks.
What a really nice group. Thanks so much.

I got the Icom driver installed (per Max), and it seems I can tune the 8600.

**I installed the x64 version:  Correct ?  There was also a 32 version

The "Local" light on the radio is lit.
I can change the frequency, but I cannot seem to change the mode
on the radio which is illuminated on the radio panel as USB

Clicking the AM button in Console seems to do nothing
USB remains illuminated on the radio panel.

Brand new user with the 8600, so don't have a firm understanding, yet, of all the menus.
Might there be, perhaps, some setting in the radio that locks and prohibits Console
from changing items like the mode ?


I put in in Console 1.628.300  e.g.
the 1.6 or the highest order digits are always shown on the radio panel.
The 2 place in the example above usually also.

Any lower order digits, never.  Putting in in Console 1.628.300 is
reflected in the radio display as:  1.620.00o

Also, very, very slow to update.

Thoughts ?

Best regards,


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