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Hi there

I have a radio that emulates TS-480 CAT protocol that I would like to track using the External Radio feature in SDR Console. It works fine on frequencies up to the maximum value of a 32 bit integer, but the External Radio display shows "0" when the frequency goes above 2147483647 Hz.

It could be an Omnirig bug or an SDR Console bug. Or both, I guess.

Alternatively, since I do have control over the firmware on the radio, so I could have it pretend it's on, say, 70cm, if I can add 9750MHz to the frequency being tracked, within SDR Console, but I can't find an option to let me do so. The offset I've found seems to be limited far lower.

I'm actually at a youth event right now where it would be super useful to have this working this weekend. Is there any chance?

Tom M0LTE (at GB100GP Gilwell Park, UK Scout HQ)


Hi Tom,

See https://www.sdr-radio.com/Console/EsHail2#ConsoleConfiguration for how to set up frequency offsets! 9750 MHz certainly works! :)

Best regards,
Mathis, DB9MAT