External Radio / Omnirig has become unstable.


I am using SDR Console Version 3.0.20 with the Airspy HF+ as a panadpater for the Kenwood TS-990S transceiver. 
It has proven to be a knockout configuration that I would not be without. 

After a year of relatively trouble free operation with radio control through the Omni-Rig program and the External radio
functionality in SDRC, I am now having issues with External radio going from "online" to "offline" or "not responding" during all recent radio
sessions. This might happen several minutes in or it might go a while longer but eventually I get a windows notification
tone and I know I am in trouble. I can restart SDRC and usually re-establish the handshake, or I can go
to Omni-Rig and look over the settings and move between Rig 1 and 2 and usually re-establish the link.

I used to have HRD as a complimentary program for rig control but I found the functionality too limited so I have abandoned
that. I believe I set up a serial pair with Virtual Serial Port Driver to enable the HRD handshake. That shows now as 
Rig 1 and Com Port 15 (Com Port 14 was the other side of the pair when I was using HRD). However, I also have the same
TS-990S as Rig 2 (same .ini file definitions in Rig 1 and Rig 2, TS-990 (1)) Rig 2 is on Com Port 8 which shows as "Generic USB Hub" and "Silicone Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge".

Just now this happened: a windows notification and "TS-990 (1) Not Responding". If I open up Omni-Rig (? in External radio), I see Rig 2 "Not Responding". Then to Omni-Rig Setting and I open RIG 2. Of course, Com Port 8 is shown. Saying OK to that Rig 2 Settings Tab puts me back Online.

I am inclined now to eliminate this confusion and go with only one Rig in Omni-Rig. I don't know if that will "fix it"?
Sorry for the confusing mess here but any thoughts and feedback would be appreciated.


Experimenting has obviously led to this situation where I assigned the same radio with different Com Ports. But, I had little issues for over a year and now I am experiencing much more instability.


I'm not sure if I can be of any help or not.

I'm out now so don't have access to my PC.
My setup is..
IC 7610
Omni rig
To me it sounds like a com port conflict.
My setup will run with out HRD running to.
Later I'll post more on my settings..might help.

Hopefully someone smarter than me will chime in 73 and good luck.



Here's a link of my trouble

And here's my settings I am using the 7610 so you don't need those.

Probably not to much help.
But look at the settings for HRD and Omni Rig.
I had problems like yours and it com port conflicts.

I had a time of it to but it did finally work.
Good Luck


This was nice and thank you very much.
I am on an older version of Omni-Rig (1.16) and 
the radio (TS-990S) did not have an .ini file in the 
database. And neither is HRD an available Rig type setting.
I assume it was added as an update.

I have an .ini file for the TS-990S written by another user
and it has worked well for some years.

Does anyone know if I update to the latest version on Omni-Rig
and also the newest .ini files (I want to get HRD as a Rig type), do I need to uninstall
my current versions or will the installs update / overwrite?
With SDRC, no need to uninstall for updates (as Simon told me
some time ago). But with Omni-Rig: does anyone know?


I decided to try and understand what might be going on with the external radio function / OmniRig within SDRC.
Let's hope that I didn't overstep what I can do.

I thought to establish the basic connection between the radio, computer, OmniRig and
SDRC first. That is, before I introduce any additional software's that will require a
virtual serial port pair to coordinate. And perhaps 2nd rig settings in OmniRig. 

So I have the TS-990S to the computer with the USB cable, which installed Silicone Labs
CP210X USB to UART Bridge (Com8). I deleted the third party serial port and radio in
the copy of HRD I have on the desktop, to be dealt with later. I configured the port
settings for the radio, Com Port driver, and OmniRig to be all the same/correct. Further,
I adjusted all the power management settings for the USB port and Com Port 8 not
to "allow the computer to turn off the device to save power".

The basic setup through OmniRig and Com Port 3 is up and running. 45 minutes in
I decided to open a browser and do this email and shortly thereafter, I get the USB
connection notification and checking, there is "not-responding" reported in the
external radio window. I re-start the SDRC program to put the radio back online. 

Coincidental timing with the multitasking or another issue on losing the handshake?
I guess time will tell. But I want to figure this out before introducing another piece
to the puzzle.