Ettus compatibility #sdrconsolev3 #ettus


Hey everyone,
thanks for all the replies in here,

just wanted to check back in and confirm (for possible other users) that the X300 works.

I have nearly no problems running the Ettus X300 via ethernet at 50MHz BW. Audio is clear and according to SDR Console only delayed by about 20-25ms

(Image in full res:

The device has the "HG" firmware flavor flashed, using a "10Gtek SFP+ to Fibre transceiver"(inserted into SFP+ Port 1) connected to a MikroTik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM.
The PC running SDR Console is equipped with an Intel i9 7980XE and is using an RTX 2080Ti for the CUDA waterfall.
Network bandwith is about 1.7Gbps at 50MHz and about 650Mbit at 25MHz.

SDR Console was able to find the SDR (after ofc. reflashing the EEPROM of the X300 to change the default IP of the device) by just telling it to search for Ettus Research devices.
The only bug I noticed was that the waterfall sometimes stopped working after using the zoom feature to zoom in/out, happens mostly when using a high BW(>20MHz)

Charly DF5VAE

Hello Ray,

I you have some spare time pse let me know what firmware you use for your USRP X310 to communicate with SDR console.
Pse mention also the UHD release,
Do you install Winx64_VS2019 or an other version?

I tried many combinations, but got no combination to work.

73, Charly DF5VAE@...

I use a low cost Fujitsu M720 server PC, with Xeon 2690 CPU, and Intel x520-2 Fiber adapter.

With this hardware I was able to obtain 40 MHz bandwith with an USRP N200 and Intel Pro 1000 Network card. A high standard PC mainboard with I7 CPU limits bandwith between 10 to 20 MHz.

The Xeon CPU on the M720 mainboard offers up to 40 PCx Lanes, no shared resources limiting the transfer bandwith.

Charly DF5VAE

Hi Larry

Sorry, I missed your question in 2021 Larry.
Busy on the ham bands and many other things to do , so I did not monitor this chat for a very long time.

Actually there was no issue at all to connect the N200 under SDR console. The Ettus device search found the standard (default) ip address. I use win7/64 and UHD 4.0 at present.

Switching to a surplus server mainboard end of last year with a Xeon CPU solved all bandwith problems I still had with high end I7 main boards.
Both network cards (Intel Pro-1000 dual) and Intel x520-2 (10GB Fiber) work at full speed now with their their own dedicated PCx lanes. No shared bandwith!


Charly DF5VAE

Hello Jolly,

I still have problems getting the x310 to work.
This morning I flashed succesfully the old firmware/imge from UHD 3.15.
SDR console recognises now the X310 connected via 1G link, if the 10G link is connected the unit is recognised as well on its default ip.

If I start SDR console and select the X310 (1G link) I do not get any trace on screen
if I start sdr console with 10G link selected (after new search) I see an idicator "please wait", the the system crashes. (MTU for 10G link set to jumbo packets)

The UBX 160 was still originally packed when I got it, so it should work.
I assume the x310 is working as well.