Elad FDM with Ic-7300 and HRD

Randy Barton W9RTB <siteinspect@...>

Hello Group;
After using Console with SDR Play and my IC-7300. I am think of getting an Elad FDM Duo. For now I would like to use it on RX only. My IC-7300 would be for TX and driving my KPA500. All are working great with HRD and JTDX running through HRD.
Is is what I want possible?

AA3SS . . . Steve

I run my 7610 that way. I have a DX Engineering RTR2 to handle the antenna switching and muting receiver when transmitting.

Mag loop Simon


It should be.just remember the elad uses 3 pc ports for full control ( rx tx and cat.)
ALSO IMPORTANT..use the RX antenna on the elad..DISABLE tx on elad!
This is to stop an ā€œ oppsā€ txed into my ic7300 rx port!

I use an elad duo with my yaesu ftdx3000 this way..

Simon g0zen

Randy Barton W9RTB <siteinspect@...>

Thanks for al the replies and help. Now I have to find one.