Diversity synchro remote setup


Hi all, I trying to setup this diversity synchro system but apparently I am missing something:

  • remote: SDRplay RSP2pro at IF of TS480 as external radio to V3. It works very fine locally. Server is correctly setup
  • local:┬áIC7400 as external radio, synchronized with local V3 client. I have configured IC7400 as external radio with IF Out=IF out of TS480. It sort of woks as I see signal on the V3 client waterfall but I am not able to synchro tune the remote TS480 (freq remains fixed).
In other words I want to tune signals with local IC7400 and have the remote TS480 tuned to the same frequency so that I can listen to same signal both on the local IC7400 and on the remote RSP2pro via local V3 client.

Remote CAT port is managed with VSPE, local CAT by Microham Router.

If I connect to other ham's remote servers (SDRradio) everything works fine (in this case I deselect IFOut on V3 client). So the problem is clearly on my remote setup (maybe Omnirig ...).

Can you kindly provide me with instructions for this setup to work i.e. to have the remote TS480 following the local IC7400 VFO ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

73 de Rik, IK2CAW

Gisle Vanem

I am not able to synchro tune the remote TS480 (freq remains fixed).

Smells like yet another firewall issue. You're on Win-10?


yes I am