CWSkimmer Question?


I am currently using SDRConsole as the panadapter for my FTDX-10. I am using OmniRig as an interface between the two. This only seems to work if I use Rig 1 in OmniRig.

I would like to to get CWSkimmer working with this combination. I have gone over the instructions at Where it says in the setup, you do not want Rig 2 in OmniRig define. I have all the other software (Virtual ports and audio cables) setup.

So my question: is there any work around for this restriction on Rig 2, in that the FTDX-10/SDRConsole only seems to work with Rig 1 in OmniRig? Or is the some other interface to enable to CWSkimmer to work besides OmniRig?

73 Paul w2eck