Console audio like nofched


Hi all

I did most likely overlook something in my settings. New nstallation of SDR console 3.3 after a long break with my local SDRs (Afedri, Airspy and Funcube) worked fine. Everything seem to work with one exeption: When I tune in to a signal, i.e. a cw beacon, I hear the signal until I stopp moving the VFO, then the ton disappears like a nocht filter was active and a just hear the white noise despite the signel is clearly visable in the passband of the waterfalll. Thr notck filter is switched off! Any hints?


Kriss Kliegle

Screen Shot as an attachment would allow us to help you.
73 Kriss KA1GJU

Kriss Kliegle

What is the status of the Squelch and Auto Mute? Both turned off?
See the red arrows in attached image...

Kriss KA1GJU