Cluster window

Jim Leslie

One thing I thought of while using my logging program, one nicety in SDRC would be the ability of clicking on a spot in the cluster
window and have the connected radio QSY to that spot. The TS590 QSY's by clicking in the panadapter window which I do constantly,
but to see if a spot can be heard on a different band, a manual band change and tuning to the spot frequency (or finding the spot in the
panadaptor window) is needed. Similiar to operation in N1MM bandmap or Logger32 bandmap window. I am using 2 radios; one 
connected to N1MM and the other to SDRC so N1MM controls the main radio. If the 2nd radio's cluster window could be controlled
by SDRC, that would be perfect.
I tried them all and SDRC is leaps and bounds the best!