Att. Clive G8POC ==> Please, I need help!!!

Karl Leite PS7KM <ps7km@...>

Hi Clive,
Thank you for infos. I installed drives and
I am swling now. RFSpace and SigMira are
doing fine job. I am loving!
Vy 73 de,
Karl Leite, PS7KM
Natal, RN, Brasil

De: Clive Lorton
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Enviadas: Segunda-feira, 19 de Julho de 2010 16:21:10
Assunto: Re: [sdr-radio-com] Please, I need help!!!


Karl Leite PS7KM wrote:
> BTW, I have a MacBook and I put RFSpace on them and
> worked. But, I don´t have SDR software to run into Mac OS
> X Snow Leopard.
Hi Karl,

I have run earlier versions SDR Radio on my Mac Book using VMware Fusion
without problems. I guess you could also use Bootcamp I'm not sure how
good the sound car is though if your using Softrock or equivalent.

Clive G8POC