TS-590SG Omnirig CW SKimmer setup


I am in same boat with you. Using FTDX10/RSPdx and Omnirig- and SDRConsole. CWSkimmer tracks the the FTDX10 freq changes but no signals displayed. Hope you post generates some solutions!
73 Paul w2eck

David Walker <vk2na@...>

I run the 590sg with omnirig.  CW Skimmer tracks.  I have setup the IQ VAC cable from the SDR Console to the CW SKimmer... but I'm not seeing CW signals.  

There is little documentation but plenty of bloviating commercials on the website.

So if anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it.  CW Skimmer and SDR Console tracks my tuning on the 590SG.   I am not seeing signals on the CW Skimmer that I am tuned to.... just white noise is on the scroll and a white line in the middle of the skimmer that has nothing to do with what is appearing in SDR Console.