QO-100 - SDR Console + Log4OM



My goal is to log QO-100 contacts with Log4OM. I do both TX and RX with an Adalm Pluto.
I'm wondering if it is possible to link the frequency and mode from SDR Console to Log4OM with the help of K5FR's VSP Manager and Omnirig?
I tried following steps:

- installed a virtual com port pair with VSP Manager (COM 12 and COM 13)
- Omnirig settings: Rig type: TS-2000, COM 12, 57600, 8, none, 1, low, low, 100ms, 100ms
- SDR Console: In program options: checked COM 13 in CAT (Serial Port) port selection settings

Unfortunately no success. Log4OM seems to start the CAT interface but shows a completely different frequency (for example 1.899.758.983 instead of 10.489.800.825). When clicking on another frequency in the
SDR Console waterfall window the frequency suddenly jumps from 10GHz to the 1.8GHz range.

Is there anyone who got it running with this setup?

Thanks in advance for your replies,

73 de OE8ACT - Patrick

Steve KH6CT

Greetings Patrick...

I am running a similar set of software; info on my setup might help.  Station here is a Yaesu FTDX-10, Log4OM and SDRConsole.  All three of them follow each other.  I do all, or most of, the tuning by moving the cursor about on the SDRConsole screen; the radio and logging program follow in frequency and band changes.  Am also running a software called Win4Yaesu which provides cat control of the radio and also provides virtual comports which allow several other pieces of software to connect to the Yaesu.  Most likely, in your situation, all you may need is a "port splitter" software package to allow both SDRC and Log4OM to communicate with the radio at the same time.

Only problem is that my station is all disconnected right now;  stuff is everywhere and it all needs to get connected properly.  Hope to be on line later this evening, and I'll test some connectivity which may work for your station.  More to follow...

Best 73,
Steve KH6CT


Hi Steve and thanks for your reply.

Actually I'm using VSP Manager to manage virtual ports. It's very strange. Simon told me in an E-Mail that this combination should work. I got the link between SDR C and Logger32 working without any problems.
But no way with Log4OM... I will check for port splitter software.

If you have any other ideas please let me know.

73 de OE8ACT - Patrick