shipping update from Apache regarding the Hermes

Conrad, PA5Y

I received this from Apache regarding shipment of the 14-bit Hermes that several users are waiting for.




Conrad PA5Y


From: support@... <support@...>
Sent: 19 March 2022 12:56
To: Conrad PA5Y <g0ruz@...>
Subject: RE: Apache Labs Order Detail - AC-3492


Hello Conrad,


The shipping of this run is delayed by a few weeks, there will be an update on the web site shortly,






Apache Labs Support



20 Eva Avenue,

Point Cook, VIC, 3030


Email: support@...





From: Conrad PA5Y <g0ruz@...>
Sent: Thursday, 17 March 2022 8:41 PM
To: Apache Labs <
Subject: RE: Apache Labs Order Detail - AC-3492


Hello, I have not had any update on my order for the Hermes, are you still expecting to ship on the 25th March?




Conrad Farlow PA5Y


Andrew, K7UL

Hi Conrad,

Thanks for sharing that.  I also have one on order.  Some rumors have been circulating around hinting that it might be delayed.  I am sure they will get it figured out.


Thank you very much for the info Conrad!
73 / Ingolf