IARU Region 1 Bandplan

John Tyler

Apologies for the silly question from a new user but could anyone tell me how to find the details about modifying the favourites to reflect the regon 1 frequencies? I'm really interested in altering the drop down menus for each of the bands so that I am only offered the region 1 options. I can edit the coloured band plans without problems it's just those drop down selections that are wrong in my region.
Thanks for any help.


Quickest way (AFAIK) is using "Update".

Select Favourites tab

Recall favourite of interest

Go to very bottom of screen and drag the handles of the light gray "span" window on the frequency span window:

Press "Update" (left hand end of Favourites bar tab).

Select the options yoiu want to update.

Press "OK"

Hope it helps