How To Verify If eibi B21 Is Actually Being Used For The Frequency Database And The Markers ?



Downloaded the new B21 eibi database.

Think, but not at all sure, that I have it now in the "Frequency Database," and also that it is being used for the "Markers" that are displayed in the Spectrum view.

How can I verify that this new eibi is truly being used for Both of the above ?

      (Have played around with the Load, Save, and the other views of, but am not actually 100% sure it is the B21 I downloaded and "think" I installed ?)

As always, thanks,


The best way to verify data is to compare/contrast what you see vs. what you expect. SDR Console uses SQLite to store the frequency database. It's located in %AppData%\Roaming\ (V3)\Console\Ident0. I've found that the tool DB Browser for SQLite to be a good querying and editing tool.

Once you have the database open, then you can issue queries against it to compare/contrast. The table includes a column named Source that can be used to winnow down results by database too. It is a straightforward and clean structure. It's also quite easy to edit if desired.

You can have the EiBi CSV file open in Excel, LibreOffice Calc, or whatever and then use the spreadsheet to filter the results. Then you can do the same in SQL for the database. If the results match, you're set. If not, a very simple solution would be to delete all the records from the frequency database and re-import. That'll ensure that you only have EiBi data from the last dataset in.

Here I'm looking at all records with a station starting with BBC and a site of Ascension. Of course, you can easily construct any sort of query. That's the power of SQL! Our hobby is quite data-centric. It's great that Simon made the database so easy and flexible to access.


Bob, W4RLS


Thanks for this information.  Looks really interesting.  Is this a free application? 

Tom Stiles


Yep. Just search for DB Browser for SQLite. There's also a browse feature that doesn't need SQL and kind of looks like Excel with some filters.

If you don't know SQL, just learning how to do a SELECT with a WHERE clause and ORDER BY gives you so much power.

Many other programs can connect to a SQLite database too, even Excel with the right drivers. I just find the DB Browser application easy to use.

Bob, W4RLS