Editing Favorites

Dominic Dambro

I'm an avid SWLer and my main area of interest is the amateur bands. Is there a way to edit my favorites to fine-tune the amateur bands into voice-only? For example, the 40 meter amateur band favorite brings up the entire sprectrum of 7.0 to 7.3 MHz. I just want it to display a more spread out 7.125 to 7.3 MHz.


Curt Faulk

Dominic, I'm not in front of the software right now but I think if you dial in the view that you want and then add that as a favorite it will save the spectrum that you are viewing at the time. You can then delete any others that are near duplicates that you want. I'm recalling this from memory so you might give this a try and see if it works..


Easiest way is to recall the Favourite (7.0 to 7.3).

See the semi transparent bar at the bottom of the waterfall. The translucent part shows the current span of the waterfall display. Just take the left hand edge of the semi-transparent bar, left-click and drag it up to 7.125, then click "Update" top left of the screen in the Favourites strip. you will see a confirmation box come up with the new span. Click "OK". Job done.

See attached screengrab.

Hope it helps.



Thanks Max.  I never realized that.


On Wed, Jul 7, 2021 at 02:43 PM, <YaddUser@...> wrote:
Thanks Max.  I never realized that.
NP. I think Favourites are a great tool that is often misunderstood and therefore underrated. Took me a while to understand the full power of them.