£350 Dog Biscui t

Andrew Sutcliffe

Yikes - Then his place should have a 15 mile exclusion zone around it - with lots of alarms in case anything gets out!

Would mean a lot of space for antennas though....... ;)

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Just look at SDR-Radio… Simon always “goes bigâ€� …  😊.


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Maybe Simon didn't mean an Anaconda, or did he???At 08:44 PM 31-03-21, you wrote:

I’m sure your snake comment was in gist. ‚  If not, make sure you don’t have a dog first.Â.  There’s also true pictures of a snake swallollowing a small man, but that one was just too gruesome to attach here.  It can be found by searching “snake swallows maman.â€ï¿½Ã‚ Dewey From: main@SDR-Radio.groups.io <main@SDR-Radio.groups.io > On Behalf Of Simon BrownSent: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 13:19To: 'SDR-Radio' <SDR-Radio@groups.io >Subject: [SDR-Radio] £350 Dog Biscuit My dog Millie had an argument with her best friend Jema. The result was Millie needed 3 stitches on her ear, the whole treatment costing £350! My next pet will be a snake. Simon Brown, G4ELIhttps://www.sdr-radio.com  -- - + - + -Please use https://forum.sdr-radio.com:4499/ when posting questions or problems.