Loop Experiment "LIL" Low Impedance Loop VS new improved LiLI Shootout

Francesco Di Giovanni

Hi Paul, this is what I was looking for for NDBs reception.
Could you please test the "Copper Antenna" with a 4 windings ferrite core.
Do you think a 75 mix core is adequate for the "Lili"?

Francesco, IN3XZP

David L. Wilson

One thought that occurred to me watching your very interesting video "Looking at battery charger noise with a LISN..." after watching the Lili low impedance loop video is that I would always turn on the device being tested before turning on the spectrum analyzer.   It did not look like you did that to me.  I have found that the initial "turning on" sometimes generates momentary noise that is not normally present and often shows up on "peak hold".

Paul White

Thanks, Paul, very impressed.

Paul Cianciolo

Here is the the MF,LF and VLF shoot out between the Lil' "low Impedance Loop" and the new and improved "LiLi" Lower Impedance Low Inductance loop.
RX = HF+ Discovery Software = Console V3