External Radio Transmit Track Rx ?

Hasan Schiers N0AN

SDRC is nearly the PERFECT program for working satellites. The only place it is lacking is when running an external radio, there is no provision for having the External Radio Transmitter and the Internal Radio Dongle Rx track when running satellites.

I have no idea how hard this would be, but if possible, I would love to see it added to SDRC.

What I"m looking for is if I have a standard pair of frequencies set so that I'm listening on 145.915 and transmitting on 435.290, AND my voice is in perfect tune ...

Should I need to move up to 145.925 to catch someone, ...when I do that, I would like the transmit VFO to properly track as I move the rx dial. In other words, the transmitter should move the tx vfo DOWN 10 KHz when I move the Rx VFO up 10 KHz to catch another qso.  (obviously not all birds are reverse, but all the Mode B ones are).

It would be nice if we could enter a "constant" for each satellite in the SatList > Current > Organize section, that reflects and would keep the Tracking of VFOs up and down in the right place as we move the receiver VFO.

Can this be done?
Is it difficult?
Simon, would you consider doing it?

What I do now is use math. If I''m already tuned in to my signal and I want to move, I note the rx freq, click where I want to go, then if I went up 10 on Rx, I tune down 10 on Tx and all is well. I can live with it.

But...auto-tracking would be soooo much nicer.

73, N0AN