CAT Control Question #cat


I have a couple questions about the CAT control.

1.) With regard to setting the receiver mode via CAT, how do you choose AM? AM is not listed as a supported mode in the CAT control documentation. The modes ECSS-L, ECSS-U, Wide-L, and Wide-U are also not listed. While it would be great to be able to set/access all modes via CAT, these are admittedly far less important than AM. Given the restriction of the protocol to supporting one character, there simply isn’t room to support more than ten modes. Since value 6 is not used, could it be used for AM? It just seems odd that, of all the modes, AM is not supported over the CAT interface.

2.) The Frequency command supports six receivers via FA-FF. That appears to be the only command that works with receivers greater than receiver one. Is that correct? For example, how would one query the S-Meter on receiver 4?

I realize that CAT control over emulated serial ports is really a 1990s issue and is not a high priority for today’s usage as getting new SDRs working is far more important than third-party interfaces. I’m constantly amazed with SDR-Console. It’s the only SDR application I use.


Bob, W4RLS

martin m3ghe

Value M5 is for SAM (synchronous AM, includes ECSS and AM)
You select which mode it defaults to in the mode mapping options in SDR-Console.
Martin m3ghe