#cat #sdrconsolev3 strange behavior of CAT between SDRconsoleV3(RSPdx) and Elecraft K3 #sdrconsolev3 #cat

Kurt Hechler


discover a strange behavior of the CAT control beetween SDRconsole (RSPdx) and my K3.  Was playing already with the timing within Omnirig. But no success.  Omnirig is direkt connected with the COM port.  No COM Port "router" like LP-Bridge between!    Omnirig timers:  pol  200-600ms   timeout 1000-3000ms

If I switch beetween the bands in the FAVOURITES window the K3 follows but some attributes (like the mode) are sometimes wrong  (not in sync).  If I hit the same FAVOURITES entry again the mode is mostly not always changing into the expected mode.  But that is not all.  It could be that the SDRcons SW is reading the frequency of VFO B in the K3 then nothing happens if I hit the same FAVORITES entry again.  Same when I toogle the band on the K3 sometimes everything okay sometimes mode or frequency wrong respectivily is reading frequency of VFO B.  Sorry but I didn't find so far a procedure  how I can reproduce that behavior. Sometimes it happens sometimes not

It is more a feeling:  But  I saw that the frequency update of the RSPdx takes a couple of millisecound after I switched the band on the K3.  External radio shows the correct frequence and milliseconds later the Receive window follows. 

K3 is not 2nd receiver!

Hopefully my explanation is understandable.  

Attached a examble that shows SDRconsole.  K3 VFOA is 21.225.00  VFOB 21.073.50  I swear :-))  That happened if I was toogleing band up/down on the K3

Any idea is appreciated

73, Kurt