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Tom Crosbie G6PZZ

Maybe it’s just me but a “Mode” field in the database options might be useful. My other database wants have been covered by others, e.g. moving the order of columns to import/display, click on title to change sort order,

Import directly from Excel, ability to select from a number of different custom.csv files, or can this be done on a per receiver basis? I would like to have for LW/MW, SW, FM,DAB etc. Finally, (for now anyway!) it is a great feature to be able to click on an entry in the database and have the radio jump to the frequency. A way to click on a signal and have the database track in revers would be useful to me. Anyone else?

Is there a limit to the number of entries one might have in the custom.CSV list?

Simon, thank you once more for a staggeringly wonderful piece of software. Every time I use it there is more to learn. My brain hurts but please don’t let that stop you!