Default Values When Starting Up ? #sdrconsolev3


Hi folks,

Still consider myself a real beginner with program.  Using a RSPdx and W10

For a set of default settings to initially go with when starting up,
(below 30 MHz, AM) what would you suggest for, e.g.:

AGC:  On or Off ?

And any other initial settings ?  Probably quite a few I'm not thinking of.  

Might someone explain for me the significance, and effect of, the RF Gain and IF Gain settings.



Hi Bob

I have RSP2Pro, so a slightly different animal, but I think the gain distribution is broadly the same.

I have found different settings work better on different signals. The gain settings are not very intuitive. On the RSP2Pro, for HF the receiver works far better (less overloading spurii) on the wire Hi-Z input, which I only recently discovered has much less RF gain at the front end. I am not sure if there is an equivalent low-gain mode/input on the PRSPdx but it is essential on the RSP2Pro as there is far too much gain in the front end for HF use on the two SMA inputs. Connecting an HF antenna on to these without an attenuator just creates RF mess everywhere on LF/MF/HF. On VHF/UHF it is not so much of an issue.

So generally, my findings have been often the RF gains needs to be kept low (2-4?), IF gain (only active with AGC off) around -35dB. AGC, hard to say. Just by experiment. Sometimes is better, sometimes worse. To be honest, I have not found anything about the gain settings on my RSP2Pro to behave particularly logically....

Suggest also you look here, and also the linked PDF download that explain gain distribution without me repeating it unnecessarily: