Persistent BUG with SDR Server

Pedro M.J. Wyns (on Dell XPS)

I run several SDR servers based on Perseus.  No problem here.
I added on one of them a second receiver using an RTL-Stick connected to my 180 cm AO100 dish.
On the local PC all works fine.
When I remotely connect to this system, Perseus works fine, but when I try to connect to the RTL-SDR I can only select 2,75 MHz and 2,8 MHz bandwidth.  Of course the thing crashes....
Picture enclosed

Any fix ?

Pedro ON7WP

Try this bug yourself connecting to my server ON7WP - JO21IC on SDR  Select the second receiver and you will see what happens.


Pedro M.J. Wyns (on Dell XPS)

just to be complete, on my LOCAL Gigabit network this server-slave combination works.  So it is clearly a bandwidth issue.
SDR server is trying to stream 2,75 MHz on the internet and this obviously does not work.


Hi Pedro,

it seems that you did not set the correct parameters in the server configuration.
I use V3.0.21 and it works perfect, but i had the same problems some month ago until i corrected the configuration.

Look at Server Manager under Network and set the WAN bandwidth (500khz or whatever) and switch compression to on.


Pedro M.J. Wyns (on Dell XPS)

I do not want 500 kHz WAN bandwidth.  Are you crazy ???  Here in Belgium we are limited in upload...
you only need 10 kHz to work decently on AO100 using a remote...