Anan 8000DLE Transmit Audio


I'm hoping someone using an Anan 8000 would be kind enough to share their transmit settings with me.  I had everything working but inadvertently made some changes after a Windows 10 update that fouled everything up.  Here's my problem, my transmit SSB signal is described as "rough" or distorted on voice peaks and I hear a "beep" through my speakers every time I engage my push to talk switch.  When this occurs, I also see a "blip" on my panadapter screen. I'm using a Heil dynamic microphone and have tried using and/or adjusting the boost settings in both the Mic and Transmit Options windows to no avail.  I'm sure I have some setting adjusted improperly, but can't seem to sort it out.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!  Al W8OC