Hardware required SDR server side #airspyhfplus

Jean-Philippe DIEL

Hi everyone,


I have a question you might be able to help me answer.


I am looking to setup an SDR Network to share IQ from an AirSpy HF+ (when that arrives), a couple of RTL-SDR’s and a Lime SDR. So roundabout 4 radios all connected to different antennas monitoring Ham bands HF-VHF-UHF at the beginning.


Clients I would like them to be SDR Console but also offer a web page HTML interface similar the the WebSDR/ Kiwi SDR type.


Here my questions - they revolve essentially on the hardware:


  1. Obviously I suppose a lot of the experience / bandwidth wise will rely on he quality of my broadband connection which for the moment is a simple VDSL.
  2. How much grunt do I need from the server side ? I have an old poweredge server (32bit quad core Xeon) I could use... would it need an upgraded GPU? Or should I hunt down a more recent 64bit server with faster Ram and access to GPU PCIe cards?
  3. I looked at Spyserver which I understand offers the possibility not to stream the full IQ but a compressed stream - this seems to help vs the classic RTL-TCP approach
  4. Surely since these run on Raspberry PI hardware I should be cosy with my old server?



Kind regards and 73’s