TS-590 Family Resources Page: November 2017 Update


TS-590 Family Resources Page: November 2017 Update

*The TS-590 Family Resources Page …………….. g3nrw.net/TS-590*

*New this month*

Two new items this month:


A nice, well documented HOWTO contribution from Lou
Blasco, VK3ALB, describing a booster circuit to fit inside
the TS-590 which makes sure the cooling fans start
reliably when low speed is selected. Click on *HOWTOs


A description of a USB Isolator from U.S. Converters. The
isolator is an effective and easy solution to ensure total
isolation between your USB devices and your computer in
benign (that is, non-lightning) conditions. Click on
*OTHER HARDWARE <http://www.g3nrw.net/TS-590/?page_id=1127>*

*Update this month*

Just one update this month: Joe Taylor’s WSJT-X program is now
a Full Release at version 1.8.0 (no longer a Release
Candidate). Click on *OTHER SOFTWARE
<http://www.g3nrw.net/TS-590/?page_id=323> *and scroll down to
almost the end of thepage.

Next, a quick question which I have already asked in the
TS-590 Yahoo groups, but nobody has been able to answer.
Specifically, does anyone know who now owns and manages the
“Kenwood TS-590” Yahoo group (also known as the “Swiss”
group)? The previous owner in New Zealand died several months
ago, and it seems that the group is now rudderless. Please
contact me if you happen to know the answer.

And finally, as ever, I welcome any new links to documents,
slide presentations, YouTube videos, hardware, software etc.
that will be of interest to TS-590SG and TS-590S owners, for
posting on the TS-590 Family Resources Page. Also, let me know
of files you have posted to the “Files” section on the two
reflectors, and I will be happy to add links to them on the
Resources Page.

Ian, G3NRW

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