Newer (rev 6) Ettus B200 (with AD9364) on SDR Console 2.3 or 3 [1 Attachment]


ok, thanks Barry,
I noticed you were running 40 on your screen speed and wonders what size. Looked at the statistics and saw 2 mil. I have a 40"4K and run at 80 for my screen speed. I too love my Ettus B200


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Hi Vincent,

I'm using a 27" Dell like one that Simon has.  I drive it with a Gigabyte '1080.  There is also a NEC22" off to the left side.

BTW, a little while ago I finally realized why I couldn't run the the Dell @ 60 frames.  Doh!  I switched the interface from HDMI (bad) to Display Port (good).    Now, all is good in the world.