Newer (rev 6) Ettus B200 (with AD9364) on SDR Console 2.3 or 3


So, we're using an Ettus B200 at work where I really need to capture some signals. Ordered it with the impression that SDR-Radio 2.3 and 3 supported the device.

It seems I need to get it working under SDR-Radio 2.3, which only supports Firmware 3.7.1 on its UHD_SDR.dll included.

(The reason I can't use 3.0 is because I have one machine where immedately upon startup i get the "Please wait..." dialogue and it crashes to desktop - no amount of uninstall or reinstall or reset is fixing that. On another machine, SDR-Radio 3.0 operates extremely slowly, won't change the LO, and for some reason after you hit 'start', everything 'starts' but the 'start' button doesn't remain pressed, as in its not in a full 'start' state. These are other things I don't know what to do about here.)

In any case, SDR-Radio 2.3 works fine; but is constrained to Firmware 3.7.1 on the Ettus B200.  

Problem is this: I can go back to Firmware 3.7.1, but that only supports the 'older revision" of the Ettus B200, which had the AD9361 chip, not the AD9364 chip which is now included in the B200. (Only firmware 3.8.4 and above supports the newer hardware revision of the Ettus B200.)

Is there any way to obtain a newer UHD_SDR.DLL that supports firmware 3.8.4 and the AD9364 chip, or above?  

I know people are going to tell me to 'just go to gnu radio', but wow I don't want to do that :|

The only other alternative would be convincing the boss to return the ~$750 B200 and get a ~$1250 B210 which still has the AD9361 chip which SDR-Radio 2.3 supports.

The problems I'm having with 3.0 I really don't know what to do about. I can't find any references in the threads here to the immediate "Please wait..." problem (on one computer) or the weird sluggishness and controls not syncing with the state of the program (on another).   I chalked all of that up to the program being an alpha release, but it seems a lot of people use it as their daily driver, so I figure the issue must just be me. :|

Barry Jablonski

Hi michi_lumin,

I have an older version of the Ettus b200.  I forget which chip it uses.  It's always a PITA to first get it to work the first time, but when it works it is awesome.  Simon will comment on the issues with the Ettus firmware.

I just fired up the b200 and Simon's latest V3 code.  All is working smoothly monitoring ATC stuff.

Remind me how you check on the Ettus firmware version, and I'll get back to you.



what size monitor are you using?



Not sure whom I'm addressing, as there's no sig line in your post...that said, what USB cable are you using with V3?  Per Simon's statement in the link below, "To ensure robust operation of the UHD.dll code you must use very high quality USB3 cables. Using USB3 extension cables seems to affect timing inside UHD.dll resulting in the software crashing with an access violation."

You'll find that and more info here:

Per that same page, Simon's had the Ettus B200 running "very well" at his home QTH since September 2014.


Mark  KF5VQY


Barry Jablonski

Hi Vincent,

I'm using a 27" Dell like one that Simon has.  I drive it with a Gigabyte '1080.  There is also a NEC22" off to the left side.

BTW, a little while ago I finally realized why I couldn't run the the Dell @ 60 frames.  Doh!  I switched the interface from HDMI (bad) to Display Port (good).    Now, all is good in the world.