More Softrock problems.

Alan <alan4alan@...>

Installing on what is virtually a clone computer to the one I first installed the SDR Console I find problems with soundcard selection.
I open the console, my Delta 44 is shown selected. Start it - nothing, no audio.
Stop - select on-board sound - start - OK, sound taken from there.
Stop - select D44 - start - OK
BUT the sample rate can be either 48 or 96KHz regardless of what is selected. The only way to be sure is to lock the D44 sample rate before starting.

On all three computers I have put v1.1.360 on, if I go to Options and select the Softrock tab I find it breaks the USB connection. A restart brings it back.

The freeze on moving the waterfall speed slider occurs on all 3 installations.

The server continues to freeze for a few seconds from time to time. It shows about 50% for a short while in Task Manager. It seems to freeze the computer as well, I lose data from time to time on another application. This collects data every 15 minutes so it is only lost when it coincides.

73 Alan G4ZFQ