console's tunig scale is shifted ?! SOLVED


GM Simon and All .
In short : when using the SDR_IQ and our own TRX it could happen that the two scales are not on the same freq .
No matter which is right or wrong.
This info applies only to the owners of the SDR_IQ & family, not to the only_WAN_Listeners.

After the sdr connection put the two radios on a same signal ( in EU at 9.996mhz there is RWM sender very strong).
Set the BFO-audios on the same tone.
Using a pc-audio program like DM780 look at the waterfall window, switching back and forth the rx-antenna to see where are the signals.

The freq. shift on my SDR ( even after the RESET) was more than 500hz.
The cure is: open Console's TOOLS RF Calibration. There are 4 command buttons.
1) SPURs to cut away SDR's images,
2) RESET, to reset the SDR,
3) -\minus 100 25 5 1 Hz and
4) +\plus 100 25 5 1 Hz, these 2 command rows move the freq. of the SDR tuning scale.

Click so many times till when the SDR signal is ISO with your T_RX.
There is no need to restart the program. The settings will be held in SDR's memory
It takes longer to explain than doing, but I didn't know that few days ago.