console's tunig scale is shifted ?! part 3


GA Simon, so I have done a better test on the freq. settings between my TRX and the SDR_IQ.
Below is the resulting screen shot.
The freq. of 9996.00 is a time signal and the BFO of my radio is at 700hz, same BFO is also in the SDR's Audio Spectrum.
So switching between the 2 radios the audio output is the same.
For testing have clicked the RESET button in the Console's TOOLS pane and the FREQ jumped to 9.995.520.
I have clicked 2 times +100 and the console's freq jumped lower from 520hz to 320hz as seen in the screen shot.

By the way , the Calibration option (here grayed as I am on a remote pc) carries only +\plus shifts.
Should not be also a minus\- shifting option ?


link to pic is :

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It's the odd frequency reading on the FT-1000, I'm sure of this. The console shows the carrier frequency but I think the FT-1000
does something odd, applies an offset.

Simon Brown, HB9DRV

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Mine both FT1000s read&#92;work the same freq down to the nano_hertz ;---)