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Gerald Tilley <vo1yyt@...>

Hi Nir,

Thank you very much for your reply to my query.

I have VSO mgr now installed and setup the virtual cables : 6 & 16.

I cannot connect to HRD but I can connect Digital Master 780 so that I can receive BPSK31, RTTY. I have installed Fix 2610 today.

I am also using Flex 3000 with ver 2.0.

Other than this, my Flex 3000 is working well.

Would appreciate any comments...


Gerald, VO1YYT




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Hello Gerald,

I have both Radios, and I enjoy them.
You'll need to use two external devices (softwares):
1. a Virtual serial port (you can use VSP manager by K5FR).
2. an Virtual audio cable (a freeware from the internt).

In PowerSDR use the CAT option and select PowerSDR or Kenwood TS-2000.
do the same in HRD.
Use the The virtual audio cable to transfer audio from/To both software.

If you need more information, I will be glad to contact with you by skype or any other wey.

Nir 4X6FK

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> Good Morning,
> Are there any hams on this reflector using Flex 3000? I have dowloaded HRD for digital modes; made a donation et al. Would like some help in getting it setup and working...
> Thank you very much.
> Gerald,VO1YYT