Once again the program totally frozen #sdrplay #sdrconsolev3 #rsp1a

Zacharias Liangas

screenshot from the video

Today after around 40 minutes of operation the program totally frozen after changing modulation
This is screenshot from the video as the program could not screenshot itself . THis is clearly shown in the video. I had to kill the task from the taskbar...
I m very curious why the program started these  problems around 3 months after installing it...

-Lenovo V330 i5 8250 laptop  WIN10 with 2 sockets USB2 type A and two with omni type D  
-USB #1 :
TripLite Uo23-0061 cable to RSP1a
-USB#2 :  1:4 Anker spliter USB3 plus  mouse and keyboard
https://sdr-radio.groups.io/g/main/message/51210 for more