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I can’t upload files to the Files section of groups dot io so I put them on my Google Drive for download.


They are simple and straightforward.


You must first create a Windows Remote Access Connection manually and TEST IT.


Stupid Windows would give me a meaningless failure message until I did a Google search to discover that I must:

drill down to Network Connections

right-click the VPN connection that I had created -> Properties

go to the Security tab

o Allow these protocols

check “Microsoft CHAP version 2 (MS-CHAP v2)”

and then magically the VPN would connect properly!


(I used this to connect into my UBNT EdgeRouter 50 so I can access the remote receiver from anywhere on my LAN)


vpn_start.cmd does what it says on the tin. You can put it in the startup folder of Win10 (if you can find it) or create a Task Scheduler entry to start it soon after booting; I employ a short delay to allow the networking subsystem to come up fully.


vpn_nailup.ps1 logs the remote Win10 machine into other VPN endpoint. Be certain to change the 3 variables at the top of the script to

1) name of the VPN connection that you created on the Win10 machine

2) user name required by the other VPN endpoint (router)

3) password required by the other VPN endpoint (router)


There are a few comments in the scripts that might help.


Then use UVNC, Remote Desktop, or whatever FREE application you desire to connect to the remote machine. Since it can now “reach out” to you there is no need for TeamViewer or other “middle man” to intervene.


Hope this helps.



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Always interested of new solutions for remote usage. Please unveil the details of Your remote solution 😊?




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A trick that I am using successfully is to configure the remote Windows 10 machine to automatically establish a VPN connection back to my router, at which point I can use UVNC to access the remote console. This cuts out the middleman, so to speak.


It requires a PowerShell script to re-establish the VPN link when it drops. I can provide if there is interest.



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