SpyServer #airspyhfplus

Chris DL5NAM


i have tested AirSpy HF+ with SDR# and SDR Console V3.0

Test AirSpy locally connected to my PC at USB and compare test via LAN ( Raspi with Spy Server)

Both software shows the same result here. If i use the AirSpy via LAN (Raspi/SpyServer) then SNR is 5-8 dB less then if i use stick direct connected to my PC.

For me it looks like that SpyServer do something wrong. I am not a programmer, so i don't know is it a driver or a DLL or any other problem.

So for me it's not a problem of the used PC software (GUI)


For me is the remote use via LAN important, at home i have good TRX. - i want have a "remote antenna" too

[ if an interested in any snapshots of my test, i have stored on my server under http://etzatla.de/spyserver/spyserver_test.pdf ]

Is there another server solution for a Raspi where i cant use SDR Console or Spy#?

73 Chris