Anyone using the latest 64bit download (1058)?

Simon Brown



*Please* stop using test team kits in the general forum, you will confuse people. Let’s get this bug resolved in the Test team forum only..


Simon Brown, G4ELI



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Sent: 18 February 2018 23:20
Subject: [SDR-Radio] Anyone using the latest 64bit download (1058)?


Does it work on servers running the same, you can tell what version the server is running by reading the fine print in the Description column.

Such as this:

KA1GJU - AIRSPYHF+ and SDR-iq #1

Location is Kensington, NH (FN42MW). Website is . Antenna is 124' End Fed Wire at 35'AGL NoVHF/UHF Antenna!. 124' end fed wire into an activ, 4 port, multicoupler feeding four SDR receivers.Two Acer Netbooks feeding two servers each.
Version 3.0 build 3118


Airspy HF+, SDR-IQ




KA1GJU SDR-iq #3 & #5

Location is Kensington, NH. Website is . Antenna is 124' End fed wire at 50'. SDR-iq #3 End Fed Wire. SDR-iq #5 40M inverted Vee. Please use at MAX Bandwidth, 190Khz, for best results until bugs fixed. ++ Antennas MAY BE disconnected when local HF radios are in use. If no antenna, try one of my other servers! ++.
Version 3.0 build 1058


SDR-IQ (2)





Location is Kensington, NH (FN42MW). Website is . Antenna is Cushcraft 40M thru 10M vertical. SDRPlay V1 on Vertical antenna, resonant on Ham bands, 40M thru 10M only. BC bands are OK. VHF and UHF are unknown!. ==== Had antenna issues, Please email a1gju@... if they return! ====.
Version 3.0 build 1058


SDRplay RSP1

Can you try my SDR-iq#3 or #5 server or my SDRPlay server. Both are on the latest download 
Version 3.0 Build 1058. Do you get strange text in the Name and Model columns? See below:

Or does it show up properly like this, with Console Version3 Build 1049:

I'm finding that the latest version doesn't play well with like servers, but I want further proof.

Please try these two servers of mine if you ARE running the latest 64 bit Versin 3.0 Build 1058
and reply here!

PS, you may have stored in your 'Downloads' folder in Windows a copy of the older verion, dated Feb10
I now have both copies and running one at a time to trouble shoot, Just rename the stored folder of the new/old one
to keep them straight!

Thank you!

Kriss KA1GJU